Mighty Verve Brewing, our non-profit brewery, lets us combine three passions: brewing good beer, sharing good beer, and supporting charitable causes.

We’re so excited to be able to spread the love ….

…. in the tastiest way there is: through beer.

What’s New

April 19th, 2020

We have just delivered our brand new and super refreshing IPL Shiny Hoppy People to local bars and bottle shops in the Trier and Luxembourg area. Be sure to grab some before stocks run out!

It will also feature in the wildly popular Craftprotz digital tastings.

💚 With our newest beer, we support the Refugee Rescue. 💚

March 1st, 2020

We’re excited to announce that we will be at the Craftprotz Trier to celebrate their very first 🌈 Social Tap Event on March 14th, and with our Bittersweet Alchemy on tap.

And get this: for every order of “Bittersweet Alchemy”, Craftprotz is donating an extra 0,50€ to a charity supporting the victims of the Australian wildfires.
So happy to be supporting a good cause together. 💚


Shiny Hoppy People supports Refugee Rescue

To help support relief and rescue efforts striving to save the lives of our fellow beings who have endeavoured to enscape war and violence, only to fall victim to the sea, we are donating the profits of our IPL Shiny Hoppy People to Refugee Rescue.

Our governments are failing to act, so the task falls on brave individuals and huanitarian organisations such as this to save our fellow beings from being abandoned. These are people just like us, who try to do what anyone in their shoes would: get to safety with their family. Let’s never, ever look away.

Bittersweet Alchemy supports the Australian Wildfire relief efforts

To help support relief and rescue efforts to all human and non-human beings, suffering from the effects of the wildfires in Australia,

we shared the profits of our very first beer Bittersweet Alchemy, our Hazy IPA, between three charities in Australia:

the NSW Rural Fire Service, the Australian Red Cross, and the World Wildlife Foundation.


Recently, our Bittersweet Alchemy was on tap at Millebières in Bourglinster, Luxembourg.

The most recent venues to host our Bittersweet Alchemy were the Craft Corner in Bonnevoie, Luxembourg and the Craftprotz in Trier, Germany. Both venues will soon be offering our IPL Shiny Hoppy People and our Session IPA Lucy in the Galaxy in late April and early May 2020.


If you wish to learn more about our brewery, our next projects, and our upcoming launches, or if have an idea for a cause worth supporting, do drop us a line at

contact@mightyvervebrewing.com .

We look forward to hearing from you.