Our Brewery

Mighty Verve Brewing was founded in November 2019 in Trier, Germany as a non-profit organisation, to combine its founders’ three passions: brewing beer, drinking /sharing beer, and aiding causes worth supporting. By means of contract brewing (gypsy brewing), we brew our beers at a local brewery after we have lovingly created, tried and tested our recipes on smaller brewing systems.

Each beer is named in our very own way: we combine a song title, which reflects the mood of the beer, and mix it with a hint at the brew style, a special ingredient or a flavour note, which finally results in catchy names for our tasy brews.

We launched our very first beer, a hazy IPA named Bittersweet Alchemy at the Hangover Schmaacht et event at Millebières in Bourglinster, Luxembourg, as well as at the Craftprotz in Trier, Germany.
Our next beers include a hoppy IPL, a fruity session IPA, and a velvety oatmeal stout. (See Our Beers)